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Experienced At Helping Nurses, Doctors, Support Staff And All NHS Workers

At Mortgage Advice Centre, we’re great at helping NHS workers get a mortgage. We understand that your circumstances can often make it more difficult for you to obtain a mortgage. So whether you are on a Work or Spouse Visa, have limited time working in the UK, or income from variable sources, we can help you find the right mortgage.

We understand how busy you are with work commitments, let our team of Mortgage Advisors and case handlers take care of finding the right mortgage for you. Once we have established your budget, we will search through over 50 mortgage lenders on the market to find the right mortgage tailored for your circumstances. We also have access to some exclusive mortgage deals designed just for our customers that you cannot access anywhere else.

NHS Case Studies

Here is just a small selection of success stories that Identify how Mortgage Advice Centre has assisted NHS professionals and associated health specialists in obtaining a mortgage.

Problem: – Short Term Remaining On Spouse Visa.

Mr & Mrs P were first time buyers living in rented accommodation and had been looking to buy a property for a long time. They felt that spending £12,000 per year on rent was a waste and would rather be using that money to pay off their own mortgage. They had a 5% deposit and approached their own bank for a mortgage. According to our clients, their bank initially stated that a mortgage would not be a problem and they should look for a house. When they found the house of their dreams and went back to their bank for the mortgage it materialised that although Mr P had Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, Mrs P was on a spouse dependent visa, with 6 months remaining. However, not only did their own bank decline to lend; they also visited other High Street banks and were subsequently turned down.


A previous client recommended that they should speak to Mortgage Advice Centre. After a detailed fact find meeting, we felt strongly that we could help. Even though Mrs P had a short time remaining on her visa, we believed that we could satisfy a bank’s criteria that she has been living and working continuously in the UK for the past 3 years. She also had an unblemished credit record and there was a strong demand for her professional skills. Before submitting a mortgage application we noticed that they were not on the Electoral Role at their current address and advised that they update this as a matter of urgency. Three weeks later we were able to obtain a full offer of mortgage on the original house they found and the mortgage was obtained from one of the banks that they originally approached directly.

Problem: – Small Deposit, And Little Credit History.

Mr H was a Staff Nurse and renting the same property in the UK for the last 5 years. He had a clean record, however his biggest issue was that he had very little credit history.

His landlord had decided to sell the property and offered it to Mr H. Before speaking to us, he had already tried to get a mortgage on this property with his own bank and through another mortgage broker. He told us that the reason he has been unsuccessful so far was because he only had a 5% deposit and no credit history.


Mortgage Advice Centre was able to obtain a mortgage for Mr H by advising him that he could buy his property as an undervalue transaction. We spoke to his landlord on his behalf and explained that the money he was saving by not using an Estate Agent could be used to offer the property to his tenant Mr H at a reduced price. In this scenario the difference between the agreed reduced price and market value could be used towards his deposit and effectively increased it from 5% to 10%. We found a mortgage lender that was happy to accept an undervalue transaction between landlord and tenant, and the increased deposit helped Mr H to pass the credit score.

Problem: Variable Income Due To Reliance On Nursing Bank Additional Hours, And Less Than 3 Years Residence In The Uk.

Mr and Mrs M, both Nurses, were struggling to find a mortgage lender that fully understood their income structure. During our initial discussions it emerged that the mortgage lenders they had already visited considered the bank work for NHS Professional’s as agency work, non guaranteed, and therefore disregarded the income in the calculation of maximum borrowing potential. To make the situation more difficult for them, they were also being rejected by banks due to the length of residency in the UK and neither had Indefinite Leave to Remain, Mrs had a work Visa with 18 months to run and Mr was Spouse Dependent.


We were able to obtain a mortgage for our clients with a High Street lender that understood that Bank shift was not agency work. We provided the lender with 13 weeks of payslips and backed this up with the most recent p60 to show that this level of income was consistent. The same mortgage lender was also able to lend based on the limited status in the UK.

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