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NHS Mortgages – could they buy you a home? 

As an NHS worker, you could qualify for special mortgage deals as a thank you for the important work you do. Several mortgage providers offer discounts for NHS workers, so if you’re looking to buy a home, these could help you save money.

Who is eligible for an NHS Mortgage?

NHS mortgages aren’t a special product – the term describes the discounts and preferential rates that some lenders offer health service employees.

If you can show an ID card or payslips that prove you work for the NHS, you should be eligible for these deals. Some deals aren’t available to senior staff, doctors or dentists, so it’s important to check the criteria. 

Are there any restrictions on an NHS mortgage?

Each provider will have their own specific terms and conditions on mortgages for NHS staff. Some might let you pay a lower deposit, while others might offer reduced interest rates. Some lenders give NHS workers reduced or free mortgage fees. 

Each lender will have different rules. You will still need to meet their requirements for credit rating, deposit and affordability. One question to ask is what happens if you take a job outside the health service during your mortgage term.

Comparing the different offers can be complex, as you need to assess rates, fees and criteria. Mortgage Brokers like Mortgage Advice Centre can sort through all the options and work out the most valuable offers. 

Can I access the NHS Key Worker mortgage scheme?

The key worker scheme was a government initiative designed to support NHS staff, teachers and police officers to get on the property ladder – but it is no longer operating. 

What type of NHS mortgages are available?

Whatever type of mortgage you’re looking for, it’s worth researching whether there are any NHS discounts available. There are many different mortgage products, including joint loans, interest-only, repayment, variable rate, fixed-rate and Buy to Let mortgages

If you’re not certain about the most suitable product for you, seek independent mortgage advice. NHS discounts usually apply whether you’re a First Time Buyer, are moving home or remortgaging.

Take a look at your employee benefits information to see whether mortgage offers are listed. 

How much can I borrow on an NHS mortgage?

Your loan amount is unlikely to increase because you’re an NHS employee. Lenders offer around four to five times your annual income. You will also need a cash deposit of at least 5%, but if you can save up more you’ll have a better choice of lenders and lower interest rates. 

Make sure that you can easily afford the repayments on your mortgage – if you can’t keep up the monthly payments, you risk losing your home.

Are there other homebuying schemes that are good for NHS staff?

In addition to seeking NHS discounts, you could also explore some government schemes to help you buy a home. These include:

Help to Buy Equity Loan

If you’re a First Time Buyer, with the Equity Loan scheme you could buy a new build property with just 5% deposit, as the government steps in and loans you up to a further 20%. You then take out a mortgage for the rest of the value. The government loan is interest-free for five years. 

Shared Ownership 

Through the Help to Buy Shared Ownership scheme, you can buy a share of your home and pay rent on the remaining share. The initial share is between 25% and 75% and you can increase your share over time.

Right to Buy 

If you live in a council property or one owned by a Housing Association, the Right to Buy scheme helps you buy the home with a discount of up to £87,200 – or £116,200 in London. 


NewBuy is a government-backed scheme where you may be able to secure a 95% mortgage. Only certain new build properties are part of this scheme, so it will require some research in the area you’re looking to buy.

How can a Mortgage Broker help me find an NHS mortgage?

The Mortgage Advice Centre  makes it much easier and less stressful to explore your mortgage options. We start by getting to know you and your property plans, looking at the types of product that will suit you. We then find NHS discounts on mortgages – both with high street lenders and specialist mortgage providers.

Our advisors also deal with the application process on your behalf. Make sure your chosen broker is (like us) an appointed representative. Because we’re registered in England, we and our website are subject to the UK regulatory regime.


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